Nathan Bowen shares his experience about SSMI’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Program

Here is a short interview with Nathan Bowen (CLSSBB), Manufacturing Quality Lead of a leading manufacturing company in Indiana, USA. Nathan recently obtained his Lean Six Black Belt Certification from Six Sigma Management Institute by Dr. Mikel J Harry (SSMI) and in the below interview shares his experience about his Lean Six Sigma journey with SSMI.

Interviewer (Q1): What was the problem you were having before you discovered SSMI’s Lean Six Sigma Program?

Nathan Bowen: Applying Lean Six Sigma methodology and statistical tools to real world problems in my daily job.

Interviewer (Q2): What did the frustration feel like as you tried to solve the problem?

Nathan Bowen: It was very frustrating knowing that things could be better, but just not knowing where to start or what tools to use, especially when associates or customers are negatively impacted.

Interviewer (Q3): What was different about our SSMI Lean Six Sigma Program?

Nathan Bowen: I felt like the course did a good job focusing on the need for Lean Six Sigma and the theory behind it. Also, the instructor made himself available anytime to answer questions or discuss the material.

Interviewer (Q4): Take us to the moment when you realized our SSMI Lean Six Sigma program was working to solve your problem.

Nathan Bowen: I started to realize that my thinking was different from my colleagues. In meetings, everyone was focused on solutions or what the problem “could be” instead of questioning if we actually even know what the problem is.

Interviewer (Q5): Tell us what life looks like now that your problem is solved or being solved.

Nathan Bowen: I do not know if I have solved any big problems yet, but I feel more confident. With my knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma tools and methodology, I can speak up during a meeting or give better direction on how to solve a complex problem.

Interviewer (Q6): In a sentence or two, what would you say to another person as what the SSMI Lean Six Sigma Belt Certification has meant to you?

Nathan Bowen: I would tell them that the certification should not be the end goal of their Lean Six Sigma training. Learning to think differently and look at problems from a unique perspective is the most important aspect.

Interviewer (Q7): What would you say to someone who is on the fence about getting started with the Lean Six Sigma Certification Process?

Nathan Bowen: I would highly recommend it, even if their company does not use Lean Six Sigma. It is a valuable methodology to have for your personal life, as well.

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