Why you should join the growing SSMI-US Regional Partner Network…

Our Regional Network is getting stronger. Regardless of their previous credentials, our Regional Partners are required to go through SSMI's Black Belt training. SSMI has three reasons for this requirement:

1. SSMI Lean Six Sigma Belt Training was developed and is taught (posthumously) by Dr. Mikel J. Harry, the Co-Creator and Chief Architect of Six Sigma. We want our Regional Partners to refresh their Lean Six Sigma knowledge by hearing directly from the Master.

2. SSMI considers its training the most comprehensive in the world. We want to make sure that our Regional Partners understand that we are unapologetic about the rigor of our program. We want to provide our belts the full knowledge they deserve.

​3. SSMI teaches Philosophy, Tool Theory, and Tool Application through a simulated case study versus limiting application of tools to specific phases as is done by many training providers.

In short, we want our SSMI Regional Partners to do it the SSMI (Dr. Mikel J. Harry) Way with the rigor that was historically required.

Once SSMI's Regional Partners have completed the SSMI Black Belt Training, they are then required to co-teach with a Master SSMI Trainer. Once their co-teaching is complete, recordings are reviewed by a group of Master Trainers who then certify the Regional Partner as an SSMI Trainer. You can be assured that if you are taking SSMI's Lean Six Sigma Training you are getting Comprehensive Current State Training developed by the Master and are getting support from a Leadership Team that has put themselves through a rigorous process to have the privilege of teaching you.

Check our list of Regional Partners at: https://www.ssmi-us.com/contact-us.

We are still recruiting U.S. Regional Partners.

If you are interested please make an appointment to meet with

Alan Leduc, SSMI-US Global Director https://calendly.com/alan-leduc


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