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Six Sigma Management Institute (SSMI®) was established in 2003 by the late Dr. Mikel J. Harry, the Co-Creator of Six Sigma, national bestselling author, and the world’s foremost expert on the subject. SSMI® is the succeeding organization created after the sale of the Six Sigma Academy now known as SSA & Co. The capabilities of SSMI® have tremendously grown from the historic development of Mikel’s work at SSA. As time has passed and technology has been developed by SSMI® our work continues to drive the future of business with our unsurpassed innovations.

Our clients have included many of the Fortune 500 companies as well as global companies where major transformation and breakthrough results were achieved with our guidance and leadership. Mikel has consulted with many of the world’s top CEO’s. We take great pride in our successful track record working through many different industries.

In 2020 SSMI refocus on Business Terraforming which achieves radical change in business results. We focus on a more developed business strategy and deployment segment utilized over the last 18 years. This coupled with world class training material, methods and tools that were perfected by Mikel over the years makes SSMI the leading provider focusing on total company transformation leading to breakthrough results.

SSMI is a global company with team members spread throughout the world. This team also includes eight Executive Master Black Belts, of which there are only 26 in the world, mentored by Mikel to continue SSMI’s progression forward to deliver unsurpassed world-class solutions and innovation to a global community that has employed this business methodology and saved their organizations billions of dollars for over the last 30+ years. The SSMI Executive Leadership team now delivers leadership training and tools to organizations that enables them with the capability to drive change.

Our Unique Capabilities

Business Terraforming

(Assessment/Deployment) focused on dramatically improving financial results and operational performance as we have in the past with the breakthrough strategy approach and tools.

Learning to Think Leadership Training

This program is a way for companies to show their employee’s they are valued by using the Learning to Think Leadership…The Breakthrough Strategy Using the Great Discovery based upon Mikel’s work on the 4th generation of Six Sigma.

War Room deployment

A command and control center operating in an open environment equipped with the technology, knowledge, experience, and leadership necessary to conceive, develop, adopt and execute innovative strategies, tactics and tools aimed at rapid and radical company transformation with breakthrough results using velocity of value creation – from the customer and provider point-of-view.

Executive Leadership Master

SSMI teaches candidates to learn how to build a Business Excellence Program that will allow the C-Suite to touch the vital control functions of the business.

The Great Discovery

The 4th generation of Six Sigma created by Mikel is focused on how you can create breakthrough in any dimension of your life and achieve extraordinary things. It is based on the Six Sigma Way of Thinking extracted from the roadmap that made Six Sigma so successful.

MindPro LSS Belt Training

(Master Black Belt, Black Belt, Green Belt, Yellow Belt, White Belt & Action Belt) – MindPro is the world’s most comprehensive Lean Six Sigma Training. Mikel devoted his career in perfecting the training material, methods and tools that are delivered virtually through MindPro. MindPro is available anywhere in the world with access to the internet.

MindPro LSS Belt Recertification Training

(Black Belt, Green Belt, Yellow Belt, White Belt & Action Belt) – This program addresses the dilution/pollution of the belt training in the market. Many Six Sigma providers watered down the original Black Belt 160 hours of training causing belt to have the lack of knowledge and tools to execute a project. This is the cause of LSS Belts not achieving project savings as in the past.

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